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No confundir Essence con Essence Plus! Son 2 productos con efectos muy distintos, ambos excepcionales en sus prestaciones.

ESSENCE PLUS es un agente de brillo extremo No abrasivo. ESSENCE PLUS está diseñado para ir ENCIMA del coating. También tiene una base de Si02 y con un conjunto de agentes reparadores de coatings cerámicos, resinas de quarzo de alto brillo, y partículas hidrofóbicas.

El concepto es que Essence Plus es un agente de brillo extremo que repara los coatings cerámicos que han perdido sus propiedades o las están perdiendo con el paso del tiempo. Anteriormente, la única opción válida era pulir el coating que quedaba y aplicar una capa nueva. 

Con ESSENCE PLUS, cambia totalmente la forma de afrontarlo! Limpia la superficie, aporta protección de cerámica, repara el coating, disimula swirls, y crea una capa hidrofóbica!

Puede ser usado a mano o a máquina con máquina de DA (no con máquina rotativa) y pad de acabado.

Forma de Uso:

A mano: Poner un par de gotas de producto en un aplicador. Extender suavemente por la superficie creando una fina capa. Dejar secar un par de minutos y retirar el exceso con una toalla de microfibra. Pasar a la siguiente zona.

A máquina: Usar sólo con pulidora doble acción y pad de acabado. Poner un poco de producto en el pad. Extender suavemente por la superficie. Retirar el exceso con una  microfibra. Quitar el exceso de producto del pad, poner un poco más de producto y seguir en la siguiente zona.


  • High Gloss Jeweling Coat
  • Repairs Nano Coatings
  • Adds layer of SiO2 Quartz protection
  • Excellent Hydrophobic Agent
  • Produces Extreme Gloss
  • Use with D/A or by Hand
  • Cleans, glosses, and protects: bare paint, PPF, chrome, and glass
  • Formulated for Professional use on previously coated vehicles

FAQ: CarPro Essence PLUS

Q. What tool do you expect Essence PLUS to be used as most?

A. We expect that its most widely used application will be as a solution to a client that wants aggressive decontamination service but is unable to afford polishing… Marring from heavy claying or synthetic clay discs causes marring but with Essence PLUS it can be easily repaired and protected in one step.  To be clear this is NOT the way we would use it in all scenarios but this is a widely experience challenge and a solution for it!

Q. Is this like CarPro Essence?

A. NO, this is NOTHING like Essence.  This is an ENTIRELY new product.

Q. So how is it different?

A. In just about every way!

PLUS contains zero abrasives!

PLUS is extremely hydrophobic!

PLUS is NOT a primer and Essence is THE Primer.

PLUS is made for using on TOP of a damaged coating (or as another type of service on raw paint) 

Q. How are they the same?

A. They both contain a Sio2 coating inside them that has filling capabilities, but Essence PLUS levels existing damaged coatings by building up.  CarPro Essence on the other levels mostly with abrasives and partially with Sio2 coat.

Q. Can I use Essence PLUS on top of Essence?

A. Yes!

Q. Can I use Reload over the top of Essence PLUS?

A. Yes!

Q. Can I use Essence PLUS underneath CQuartz like I did with Essence?

A. No, this is not a primer like Essence is and coatings will not bond on top!  If used inconjunction with a coating, this goes on TOP, not bottom.

A. Can I use Essence PLUS to repair gloss and hydrophobic to a damaged coating?

Q. Yes, depending on the level of damage you certainly can.  That was the primary concept for this product.  In some cases over time or through abuse, a coating can become damaged.  Rather then removing and replacing the coating as your only option, we designed ES PLUS to provide another option of correcting or extending its life.

A. How long does it last?

Q. The truth is we cannot yet say.  We have not yet tested to full capacity and we will certainly keep you updated as continued testing from all climates comes back.  Early testing suggests months of beading and up to a year of repair to faint swirls.

A. If I want to use it on a damaged coating, should I use a Microfiber pad and machine?

Q. No, The Microfiber pad is abrasive and will remove the coating! You want to use only a CarPro Gloss pad as directed OR use by hand as directed.  If that is not sufficient then you would be better off switching to CarPro Essence and other methods.


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